What To Expect

The Pentecostal Church Experience 

Our Services

» Begin with praise & worship songs – the words projected on the wall so you can follow along.

We often clap or raise our hands during worship

» Invitation for prayers and we all pray over the needs that have been mentioned.

» Invitation for testimonies, anyone can share something good God has done for them, but it’s not required.

» The pastor will preach a Bible-based sermon or teach a Bible-based lesson.

We may shout out ‘amen’ or clap our hands in agreement with the preacher

» Invitation to the altar, a call to reflect prayerfully on the sermon and to seek God. All are welcome to participate.

Our Facility

The parking lot is paved, well lit and has wheelchair accessible parking, main entry and restrooms. The seats are comfortably padded and the climate control keeps the sanctuary comfortable.

Our People

We have a friendly, diverse congregation, and are open & welcoming to all visitors. We hope that you feel comfortable joining us for worship!

You can expect to be greeted by various folks who will introduce themselves, shake your hand and welcome you to the service. 

Church Plant

We’re a small but growing fellowship that is still in the early stages of getting established – sometimes called a ‘church plant’ or a ‘home missions church’ – thus our attendance can vary drastically from one service to the next.